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Artist Statement

Once Upon A Time The Brothers Grimm Went To Art Therapy…

What happens when society wants us to act like Beauty but we feel like The Beast?  Or when one realizes their Magic Mirror has a crack?  (Or two?)  ‘Happily Ever After’ wasn’t quite what was promised but I wasn’t looking to be rescued.  So, taking pencil in hand, I began to draw.

Inspired by fairy tales, Japanese Woodblock prints and pop-surrealism, my allegorical portraits invite the viewer to look directly at the messier bits of Life: broken hearts, imperfection, impermanence and the deep desire to no longer please or play nice. These quirky, slightly annoyed and somewhat contrary heroines maneuver through kingdoms of dark forests, bottomless rabbit holes and un-kissable frogs with attitude and humor.


Mary’s love for drawing began when she received the child’s version of an animator’s light desk - complete with traceable images of Snow White and Barbie. Mary was five. During her colorful punk years, Mary studied Art and Theatre at Incarnate Word College in her native San Antonio, Texas.

Mary now resides in Miami, Florida where she weaves together her interest in fairy tales, flora, fauna, illustration, animation, set, costume design and swimming - along with a hint of pop psychology - to help bring her watercolor and color pencil drawings to life.


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